Al Safeer Group's state-of-the-art logistics is spread across a sprawling 10,000 sq.ft. of space in the heart of Sharjah. World-class material handling equipments manage thousands of containers annually. The strong transport fleet has over 200 cars, pick up trucks, delivery vans and refrigerated carriers. Logistics it’s how we get our products from the manufacturer to our store shelves. It’s the heart of the Safeer’s operation. We move millions of products to customers each day of the year. And, we’re using the latest environmentally-sustainable practices in the process.


Safety is our priority

Our private fleet is one of the largest and safest. More than 1,200 of our drivers have more than one million consecutive accident-free miles. And our private fleet is at the forefront of environmental sustainability, finding ways to haul more freight while traveling fewer miles. As Safeer’s Ambassadors of the Road’s our drivers are committed to driving safely and providing excellent service & traveling to deliver merchandise to our many stores and malls.